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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Let those bitches eat cake

Remember back in 1782, when The French were all like “We are French! Let’s fight a lot” but it came out all “Nous sommes Fran├žais! Luttons beaucoup!”?

And Rousseau was like "Oh my gosh, guys. Let me tell you what this B said. We were like 'The peasants don't have any bread, Marie!' and she was like 'Well let those whiney bitches eat cake then! Being rich rules!'"? Except he lied about that part and she probably didn’t say that at all?

And everyone was like "Meh. We’re in the middle of a revolution anyway. Let’s eventually try her for treason and then we should totally cut this lady's head off."

And then they totally cut her head off? 

What? You guys don't have cake? I didn't even say that!
And 300 years later we were STILL so mad at Marie Antoinette that we were like "the only suitable punishment for her is to have Kirsten Dunst play her in a wildly inaccurate movie." ? 

Sophia Coppola: Fuck you, history.

Here’s the thing. I’m not really ever sure I’m doing Throwback Thursday right. Is this right? I’m just going to keep doing it this way.