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Friday, February 3, 2012

The day my friends tried to kill everyone with bacon (and jorts)

You know those days when you sleep in until noon, hung over from four days of drinking that started with seeing a midget strip show, and a person you deeply respect, but makes terrible decisions calls you and says, "Come over to Selena's. They're making everything with bacon. Chris will be wearing jorts."?

No? What are you doing with your life? Let me back up.

Last week, I went to see a midget strip show with the Person I Deeply Respect but Makes Terrible Decisions. (aside: watching a midget strip show is not something I would consider a terrible decision.) The night quickly turned into a swirling vortex of tequila, $8 domestic beer, tiny boobs, vienna sausage fingers and many different forms of sexual harassment. Coincidentally, this night was also possibly the first and likely the last time I would ever be motorboated by a sort-of-famous porn star midget. After that, we went to a club where men were line dancing and it was a very real possibility that we were going to be kicked out of a Whataburger drive through.

The point I'm trying to make here is that this night very quickly devolved into something that was far beyond the realm of our control, which lead to the rest of the week and then the weekend careening out of control as well, kind of like what must have happened with Gallagher's standup routine. Yes. A Gallagher reference. Because Gallagher is fucking timely.

Fig. 1.1
"I had a lot of funny material. But I'd rather not use it."

So Midget Strip Show Wednesday melted into Sleep Through Biology Class Thursday which melted into Happy Hour Thursday Night which melted into Bad Karaoke Friday which melted into Sonic The Hedgehog on Xbox Friday Night which eventually melted into Baconpocalypse Saturday.

I woke up Saturday, still hung over from Bad Karaoke Friday, and my phone rang. The Person I Deeply Respect but Makes Terrible Decisions (from here on out, we'll just call him Josh. To protect his identity. If I didn't want to protect his identity, I'd tell you that his name was Josh Morgan.) was calling to let me know of several other terrible decisions that were scheduled to take place that evening.

"Come over to Selena's. They're making everything with bacon. Chris will be wearing jorts. We're pregaming now."

Because obviously, the plans for the evening were so tame, pregaming was a necessity to assure that bad decisions would eventually emerge from their bacon-wrapped coccoons to evolve into beautiful, atrocious decisions. Like a butterfly whose defense mechanism is that it looks like vomit.

If you're not lucky enough to know my friend Selena (theoretically, because this is the internet, the vast majority of people reading do not. Objectively, because only six people read my blog and all of you went to school with me, you do) and her husband Chris, then you are not aware of how amazing they are. The only way to accurately describe Selena is this: Picture a unicorn. And on top of that unicorn is a puppy. And on that puppy is a tiny saddle. And in that tiny saddle is a prairie dog who is holding a popsicle for you. And that popsicle is a banana fudge bomb.

Yep. She's that amazing.

Fig. 1.2
It was strangely difficult to find a picture of this.

And there's no other way to accurately describe Chris than this:

Fig. 1.3
Back off, ladies. This man and these jorts are spoken for.

The most important thing I want you to know about that photo, is that it was not taken on the day of Baconpocalypse, but on a completely separate day entirely. Which means he wears the jorts with a fair amount of regularity.

This was not the day to start realizing that Josh makes terrible/awesome decisions.

When I got there, there were already pieces of chicken wrapped in bacon on a grill. There were cheese sticks covered in crushed jalapeƱo chips ready to deep fry. There was bacon covered in brown sugar and drizzled with Jack Daniels in the oven. Josh was in the process of wrapping corn in bacon. There was cheese wrapped in venison, wrapped in bacon and dipped in beer batter frying. Someone made meat balls out of venison, I'm pretty sure with the express purpose of allowing a really drunk group of people with rapidly climbing cholesterol to say repeatedly "try these balls" and "she bit my balls". Because we're adults. That's why.

Also, there seemed to be a lot of Jack Daniels involved. And what happens when there seems to be a lot of Jack Daniels involved? That's right. Mel Gibson's career.

Fig. 1.4

The Jack Daniels seemed to be a key ingredient in a lot of the dishes for Baconpocalypse. And, while it was not used in the recipe Chris invented for bacon shot glasses ("bacon, muffin tin, oven, GENIUS!" I believe were his exact words) Jack Daniels was definitely a catalyst.

Take the liquor, the bacon, and the several sweet deer with soulful eyes (I'm assuming) that gave their lives so we could eat them in terrible ways, and it wasn't long until people started exhibiting signs of bacon madness. (That is the scientific term, in case you were wondering. No, you do not have to look it up.)

Here's a short rundown:
  • Selena walks outside. Chris is playing air guitar. His buttondown shirt is not serving its purpose. "I see we're already down to two buttons," she says. "I have to let the hamburger meat breathe!" he says, rubbing his chest with pain in his eyes.
  • "Where are the jorts?" I ask. Chris immediately leaves and comes back out in jorts, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. He is now down to one shirt button.
  • Several people are upset that there are no more dead animals around which to wrap bacon, while others glance nervously at their dogs in the back yard.
  • Lyndsey, another amazing person, who was also an instigator of hilarious ideas, keeps saying "this bacon has no idea what I'm going to do to it."
  • CCR is being played. Followed by Tenacious D. Followed by Social Distortion. Followed by a rap song by Chris and his friends that sounds professionally recorded.
  • We run out of tequila, lime and triple sec, so I start making Chris's margaritas with Jack and margarita mix. He does not notice. In fact, he says, "this is straight tequila."
  • Selena throws a bacon-wrapped chicken leg at Chris. The reason was at first undetermined. Later, someone will ask why there is a chicken on the floor. No one will know the answer.
  • People find out the hard way that, while the bacon shot glasses are "genius", they are not water tight. They eat the shot glasses in protest.
  • People begin playing the blues on various guitars in the house. The songs are about bacon.
  • Chris and Josh take shots of Jack mixed with bacon grease in legitimate shot glasses. They do not regret this decision enough.
  • Lyndsey convinces Chris, in his jorts and cowboy boots, to stalk a pedestrian who is jogging in front of the house. Chris runs after him. The man is not interested in training Chris. Chris is upset because he "could have been the next Rocky."

The night ended with some of us passing out on the couch (me, because I'm a terrible guest) and others of us helping to clean up, (like Selena and the most adorable girl you've ever met, named Sierra, who is saved in my phone as Sierra Who Is Awesome, which was a drunk statement and not a drunk question), so it seemed as though everyone got out ok, even though it's realistic to believe that it would have been entirely possible for everyone to die of a heart attack.

You know that scene in Apocalypse Now when whichever crazy ass Sheen that was turns into a roiling ball of insanity? And he starts breaking things and screaming and cutting his face and flying and getting into a fight with Faruiza Balk? (Also, I think maybe I'm combining Apocalypse Now and the fight scene in The Craft). That’s more like how it felt the next morning, when there were several Facebook statuses decrying bacon.

Fig. 1.5

But we all got to see Chris chase down a pedestrian in jorts, and you know what? If that’s not the American dream, I don’t want any god damn part of it.


  1. I have to say this story played out in my head like a prime time comedy sitcom!!! I can picture every bit of it and now I will never look at bacon the same again. I will forever picture chicken wrapped in bacon flying, Bacon grease shots, Jorts and Chris chasing a man when I cook it!! LMAO Thank you for this!!

  2. none of us will look at bacon the same again, shayla. none of us...

  3. Shayla is right. Your blogs could really be a most awesome TV show! Kellie

  4. LOL.. My name is Selena Wise and I approve this message!

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